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Richard BauneRichard Baune  


Director, Preproduction


15 years of focussed attention

  Versatile, curious and astute, Richard is always listening to our clients’ needs. His success relies on his expertise and client service because Richard is only satisfied when he not only meets, but exceeds our clients’ expectations.
Sylvain BrassardSylvain Brassard  


Graphic Artist - Design

12 years of boundless creativity

  A true artist, Sylvain is the creator of our various signs. Joining his undeniable talent to his view of a work well done, he creates unique products that are superior to industry standards. And to top it all, Sylvain is a really nice guy!
Simon DauphinSimon Dauphin  


Graphic Artist - Design 

3 years of vivid imagination
  As with all ambitious creators, Simon is constantly pushing our limits in terms of design. Smart, creative and an innovative thinker, he quickly merged his graphic artist skills with signage design.
Alain Laviolette  


Sign Manufacturer

Over 30 years of expertise & reliability

  With more than 30 years of experience, 20 of which at Enseignes Plus, Alain is our emblem. The manufacturing of signs has no secrets for our veteran. He takes on our client challenges with ease and delivers high quality products time after time. His reliability is as strong as the signs he manufactures.